Car racing, motor racing and any automobile racing, everything falls under the umbrella of auto racing. As a whole, auto racing is an event that involves the racing of automobiles as a competition. The industry and events of auto racing have been around for centuries now, most specifically since the birth of racing automobiles in 1867. Although they weren’t manufactured with the primary goal of racing, they soon got into the racing tracks in the 1930s when unique cars for racing were developed and constructed.


History of auto racing

Like mentioned above, the history of auto racing began as early as 1867, on August 30 at 4:30 am. The match was held between two self-powered vehicles that were to drive on a specific route between Ashton under Lyne and Old Trafford, which covered a distance of eight miles.

Soon after the self-powered vehicles, internal combustion vehicles soon started taking part in the race, after the introduction of the gasoline-fueled vehicles. The first event or competition for these types of vehicles was organized in 1887, April 28. However, the automobile race track ran only for two kilometers between Bois de Boulogne and Neuilly Bridge. The first official auto racing competition was held in 1894 from Paris to Rouen, which consisted of 2200 participants that paid 10 franc entry fee to enter the event.

The first and the oldest auto car racing event was held in Targa Florio in 1906, which was regarded as an open endurance automobile race. It was held in the Sicily Mountains near Palermo. To this day, this event is celebrated as one of the oldest sports car racing event and is even a significant part of the World Sports car Racing Championship.


World-first multipurpose racing track was built in Australia, and it was named as Aspendale Racecourse. It was built in January 1906. The track takes the shape of a pear and runs almost mile long, encompassing curves and gravel cement surfaces.

The oldest multipurpose racing track was built in the United States that ran almost 4 km long, named as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indiana. It is considered as the biggest racecourse for the spectators and accommodates nearly 257,000 spectators to witness the event.

Popular cars in auto races

Two of the most popular series of cars are the IMSA GT series and the Turismo Carretera that was invented in the late 90s and still holds equal value. The IMSA GT series was evolved and introduced to the American le Mans Series in 1999, where it ran its first season. Soon it gained popularity in the mic prototypes and the GTS.

On the other hand, the Turismo Carretera was introduced as a racing car series in Argentina. It is still considered as the oldest series of racing cars in the world, that is still active and equally embraced. It took part in its first competition in 1937 and won in 12 races in different provenance.